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Trump Administration For The First Global Water Strategy

“Getting ahead requires more than drilling water wells” John Oldfield, of Water 2017, a program to educate the government on the importance of creating water development strategies. The overall health and safety of the world reliesin the availability and cleanliness of our water systems. In certain countries, the current water sources are being used as a weapon in the act of War. By controlling a locations water source, you essentially control the lives of all of those living in the communities. In the new government strategy, a 70 page report lays out how the Trump administration plans to handle the water sanitation for parts of Africa, the Middle East and Haiti which are the first in line to receive government assistance. These countries rise to the top of the list based off of “need, willingness to work with U.S. partners, and the likelihood that aid will improve health and well-being.” The new government strategy comes as a relief, as the last effort and financial aid recor…

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