How does Polluted runoff effect me?

Many times Environmental issues are not taken seriously by a community until they directly effecting it's specific day to day living. It is very hard for someone to put forth the effort to make a change when the issue they see is miles away. With that being said, how concerned should we be about Industrial farm polluting our own communities in Oregon? The answer, much to the surprise of many, is that it effects us all more than we probably think.

In reports done last year Zollner Creek, which runs through the heart of the Willamette County, has been registered to have high counts of pollutants and pesticides which have continued to effect drinking water. This was among a group of seven streams that were also deemed to be effected immensely from pollution from various farm plants. These streams which have been polluted have accounted for over 15,000 miles of waterway throughout the middle of the Willamette County. This was not even accounting several more that were very close to also being considered over polluted as well. With this much runoff so close to so many communities in Oregon, there are several implications that come from it.

Nearby to the factories, there are very harmful gases that people can breath in and get sick from. These come from manure that begins to decompose and release toxins. Many of these gases, especially hydrogen sulfide, can get into the water streams nearby and even at low levels can cause serious health problems for people. The waste produced from animals can also be a health concern as it enters community water supply.

Many of these waterways are various communities main drinking water supply. By not doing our part to try and combat factory runoff and pollution we are turning a blind eye to this negative phenomena effecting many of our neighboring cities. With help from local city officials, the Department of Agriculture and citizens like you and me, we can really make a difference in awareness for a great cause.

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